Now You Can Break Through your Internal Blocks And Leverage the power of your mind to grow your impact and income!

Your Business Beyond Belief

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Blocks And Create More Abundance and Freedom in Your Life and Business!
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Dear Fellow Female Entrepreneur,
I know we may have never met, but I do know something about you...

You want this more than anything.

The ​impact​. The ​income​. The ​freedom​. The ​recognition​.

And you’re so close you can almost taste it!

BUT... there’s always something that gets in the way, isn’t there?
Ever Feel Like There’s An Invisible Wall
Between You And The Thriving Business Of Your Dreams?
  • You’ve read all the business books...
  • You’ve bought the programs...
  • You’ve built the marketing systems...
  • Maybe you’ve even hired a business coach...
  • But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through to the bigger revenue and impact waiting on the other side. Honestly, you’re starting to question whether you’re cut out for this...
  • The thought of being stuck feeling like this forever is terrifying, yet you don’t know what to do. All you DO know is you’ve got bills to pay and a family to care for and ​something has to change fast​.
 LISTEN​: If you’re overwhelmed by a sea of fears, doubts, and beliefs that are holding you back, you’re not alone. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve got something to share that’s about to turn your struggles into huge wins...
You CAN Break Through To The Confidence, Freedom, And Success You Desire, And I’m Here To Show You How!

Hi. My name is Laura Lacy-Thompson,

and I’m a Certified Transformational Mindset Coach and a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner for female entrepreneurs.

When I first started my coaching business, I was 100% convinced it was going to work. It was my destiny to support other women after coming through so much trauma and transition in my own life .

But as time passed and I was nowhere closer to hitting my revenue goals, my Inner Critic started whispering in my mind...
  • “This ISN’T going to work, Laura.”
  • “You suck at this!”
  • “You’re getting nowhere. Just give up.”
  • “You need to lower your fees.”
  • “You can’t help anybody... who do you think you are?”
  • “You’re an imposter.”
  • “You’ll never see success.”
The longer I let that voice stick around, the louder it became until I couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when I realized I was carrying around deep, subconscious beliefs all the way back from childhood that were fueling this Inner Critic and holding me back from achieving the success I craved.

It was only when I got to the root of those limiting beliefs and eliminated them for GOOD that I was finally able to transform my life and experience a breakthrough!
I Discovered How To Rewire My Brain And Install NEW Beliefs That Empowered Me To Show Up Confidently, Attract Ideal Clients, And grow my impact and income!

Now, I can honestly say I LOVE my coaching business!  
In a short period of time, I’ve been able to:

  • Heal decades-old wounds that were keeping me stuck  
  • Finally move beyond my Imposter Syndrome  
  • Eliminate my fear of being visible  
  • Show up confidently in my business  
  • Attract more of my ideal clients & charge higher prices  
  • And DOUBLE my revenue
All because I discovered how to rewire my thinking and beliefs to get my mind working FOR me (instead of against me) through an innovative form of hypnotherapy known as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Since then, I’ve developed a unique program that combines RTT, 1:1 coaching, and specific cognitive behavioral tools that empower you to break through to new levels of success, freedom, confidence, and impact! Now, I want to share it with you...

 Your Business Beyond Belief

Break Through Hidden Blocks And Create More Abundance and Freedom in Your Life and Business!

Your Pre-Coaching Survey ​($150 Value)
90-Minute Assessment Session ​($500 Value)
2 Pre-RTT Audio Recordings ($100 Value)
2x Rapid Transformational Coaching Sessions ​($1400 Value)

18 x 55-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions ​($4500 Value)
UNLIMITED​ ​email and text support ​($1600 Value)
2x Personalized RTT Audio Recordings ​($500 Value)

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside YOUR BUSINESS 

Quick-Start Package

I’ve structured this program to target the core of what’s really holding you back one stage at a time. This ensures you receive quick results that last. It all kicks off with a “Quick-Start Package,” which includes EVERYTHING you need to get moving forward with massive momentum:
Pre-Coaching Survey (Value: $150)
Before we can build you a roadmap to where you’re going, we need to know where you are. You’ll answer a series of questions that guide you to deep reflection on your current challenges, serving as a foundation for your 90-minute assessment session.
90-Minute Assessment Session (Value: $500)
In this session, we meet 1:1 to dive deep into your current challenges and identify the “why” behind certain limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll walk away with crystal clarity on what you want for your life and business, along with a plan for what issues we’ll focus on during your first RTT session. I’ll also create you a roadmap for how we’ll process through the next 6 months, including:
  • Setting priorities  
  • Short and long-term goal setting  
  • And aligning your business + personal life
1x Pre-RTT Audio Recordings 
This self-hypnosis recording will help you fall into a state of deep relaxation, priming your mind for the RTT sessions so you can maximize results!
1x Rapid Transformational Therapy Coaching Sessions 
Unlike other techniques you may have tried in the past, RTT combines hypnosis, NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other modalities to get to the root of your issues, eliminating those limiting beliefs and inner voices that are keeping you stuck.

Once these hidden beliefs are uncovered and eliminated, we’ll upgrade your thinking so you can take massive positive action toward your goals!
1x Personalized RTT Audio Recordings 
With your RTT now complete, I’ll give you a special recording, customized to your unique needs, which will rewire and install your new positive belief system. You’ll experience a powerful transformation like you’ve never experienced before just by listening to these audios for 21 days following your RTT sessions!
Working with Laura was a pleasure and very rewarding. She has great empathy for you and your situation and provides tools to gain clear insight into how to address your challenges. After each session, I felt clearer on my goals and emboldened to make changes that I possibly would never had made otherwise. She cheers you on, encourages and supports you. She is genuinely interested in you and wants you to succeed.  

Deborah - UK  
"I did a free workshop the last time Laura ran it and it was AMAZING! As a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience, I still learned SO MUCH from Laura...and now I'm working with her as a coach because of this training (and loving it!). I can't encourage you enough to work with Laura!" 
Ruth Spinaze - Australia
Once We’ve Shifted Your Limiting Subconscious Beliefs With your first RTT SEssion, Your Business Beyond Belief Core Program Will Install NEW Beliefs That Allow You To Take Aligned And Inspired Action!
Your Business Beyond Belief Core Program

18, 55-minute 1:1 Coaching
Plus an additional RTT Session and Recording 

With Your Business Beyond Belief Core Program, you’re getting access to the same 1:1 coaching and tools my clients have used to:
  • Break through old thinking and grow their business 
  • Successfully relocate and start a new career  
  • Recover and rebuild their lives after divorce  
  • Decrease their anxiety levels naturally  
  • Remove money blocks  
  • Raise their confidence and self-belief  
  • Increase their incomes  
  • And even meet their soulmates!
You’ll get the focused support, attention, and accountability to move your life and business forward. Over the next 6 months, we’ll work together to integrate your new subconscious beliefs with your conscious thinking and action so you can finally create the freedom and impact you want.

This includes accountability tracking, clarity and visioning for your business, and additional tools and techniques to help align your new beliefs, values, and actions.

Unlimited Daily Access (Value: $1,600)

As part of the Core Program, you’ll also have UNLIMITED access to me via email and text. Ask questions, get feedback on issues that pop up, whatever you need - any time. Just reach out for fast support to keep you moving forward consistently and seeing results!
Before working with Laura I had the misconception that I had to react to everything or I would explode. But the truth is, that there's no need or reason to react and explode, and through Laura's RTT, I've learned to be peaceful, and forgiving while being firm with my boundaries, which has had a phenomenal positive ripple effect in my money blocks, anxiety, marriage and motherhood. 

  Marta – Pennsylvania  
Laura's coaching inspired me to make decisions about what I REALLY wanted to prioritize in my life."  

Thank you for everything Laura!
Beth – New Jersey  
“My biggest challenge when I started with life coaching is that I felt as though my life was a series of measuring where I should be, what I should be accomplishing or what I should be doing based on society standards that keep me running for years. I never considered a life coach, I was the one that had it all together and usually telling everyone what they should do, and I was wrestling with an identity crisis as I knew my career had run its course and I was wanting to do something with "meaning" and having NO idea what that meant for me. . I knew it was a message of telling me to stop, listen and begin a deep awareness as to what I wanted my life to look like. At the time I started working with Laura, I knew I needed to do the work, but I was all over the map as to how to begin and bring it all into perspective. Not an easy task, As I gotten older, my imperfections served me well and old habits are hard to break. Laura helped me to see what was holding me back when I would get side tracked with feeling overwhelmed and going into procrastination mode. With Laura's tools and dialing down on some key causes that get in the way, I eventually was able to get past some old ways and move forward with a new found excitement and knowing what makes me feel good. It's not often that I share my honesty and thoughts with a perfect stranger, but I knew on the first session with Laura that she genuinely wanted to help me, had patience to listen and guided me through a great process of self-discovery. Thank you, Laura
-Sue, Florida
What I found most useful was uncovering what a people pleaser I am! I believed I had a strong voice and opinions and didn’t realize the number of things I was doing that were someone else’s agenda or “should do’s” because someone else expected it of me.  Laura meets you where you are at in your journey and structures your conversations based on what you want to get out of coaching. She holds true to your original intent and reminds you why you started (when you need it!) and gets to your why behind the why. Laura is flexible in where you want to go with coaching and once, I got started, I found so much value that I went beyond the original sessions.  Laura is kind, thoughtful, clearly an expert in her field (smart, educated, experienced) and firm in her advocacy for You. I highly recommend Laura 
Tish - Minnesota
“Could This Really Work for ME?”
I’ve shown you exactly how the combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), one-on-one coaching, and other cognitive tools work synergistically to shift deep-seated limiting beliefs and break through barriers that have been keeping you stuck.

But you may still be asking if this could work… for YOU. If so, that’s completely normal. It’s easy to believe those doubts, when you don’t have the tools to shift that energy –– yet! 

That’s the beauty of this program! It’s designed to eradicate the fear that you’re somehow flawed or unworthy or no matter what you try, you’ll fail. It gets to the core of those fears and releases them so that you can stop holding yourself back from the success you deserve.

To demonstrate, let me tell you a quick story about Maddie...

She suffered from extreme anxiety, especially around money - both earning it and spending it. As an entrepreneur, this client was in a constant state of worry about her finances.

To make things worse, she and her husband had differing beliefs on how money should be spent, and this created constant friction in her marriage and parenting.

The physical anxiety she experienced because of her beliefs around money was so severe that an anxiety attack could last for several days.
That’s When Everything Changed...
Through the process of RTT, this client was finally able to identify the beliefs that were causing this anxiety. Once she discovered that she was operating from a scarcity mindset and sabotaging herself from earning more income, everything changed.

After our work together, she increased her earnings - and her anxiety around money disappeared! 

She now trusted that money could flow in and out of her business. There would always be enough. Now, her business continues to grow to multiple 5-figure months, her anxiety has dramatically decreased, and her relationship with her husband has greatly improved.

The best part?

These changes began just weeks after we started working together and the transformations and shifts continue.  

That’s just one of DOZENS of success stories from my clients. I’m confident you can be next.

But that’s not the only reason I’m so sure this program is the missing puzzle piece to your story of transformation...
Your Business Beyond Belief Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried Before - Guaranteed
I know there are a million other mindset coaching programs out there. But there’s nothing else like Your Business Beyond Belief, which addresses BOTH the subconscious and conscious minds to create a powerful emotional release and healing as well as a permanent shift in thinking.

By freeing yourself from old subconscious beliefs, you’ll be able to pursue your goals and upgrade your actions to effortlessly move forward. Because this program goes much deeper than any other program out there, you’ll see a rapid and long-lasting transformation.

In fact, I’m so confident in the results you’ll see with this program that I’m backing it up with this personal promise...
My Promise to You:
Not only has this combination of RTT and coaching transformed my life, but it’s also helped countless other women entrepreneurs whom I’ve worked with (as you’ve seen on this page).

So, before we go any further, I want to personally promise you that if you complete the quick-start exercises, go through the coaching sessions, listen to the audio recordings, and allow me to guide and support you through this process, you WILL be able to remove hidden blocks to success and feel free to create the thriving life and business you’ve always wanted.

I guarantee that this program has everything you need to not only address the conscious beliefs and fears that may be holding you back, but also the subconscious, deep-seated beliefs that are keeping you from becoming more confident, visible, and successful.

So, if you’re ​ready to FINALLY let go of limiting blocks ​and ​step into a life and business you LOVE​, take the first step now by booking your clarity call!

 Your Business Beyond Belief

Break Through Hidden Blocks And Create More Abundance and Freedom in Your Life and Business!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Let’s Recap!
Break Through Hidden Blocks And Create More Abundance and Freedom in Your Life and Business!
Your Pre-Coaching Survey ​($150 Value)
2x Rapid Transformational Coaching Sessions ​($1400 Value)

90-Minute Assessment Session ​($500 Value)
2x Personalized RTT Audio Recordings ​($250 Value)
UNLIMITED​ ​email and text support ​($1600 Value)

2 Pre-RTT Audio Recordings ($100 Value)
12x 55-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions ​($4500 Value)

That’s a​ total value of $8,500... but you won’t pay anywhere near that if you join before the clock hits zero. PLUS ​- if after our chat, we mutually decide this program is the right fit, I’ll give you an instant $500 savings​ just for paying in full!

Ready to get unstuck and finally create the thriving life and business you’ve always wanted... but never believed was possible?

 Your Business Beyond Belief

Click below now to book your clarity call and find out if this 1:1 coaching program is the right fit!
This Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Program Isn’t For Everyone
If you aren’t ready to let go of limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for decades, this isn’t for you.
This program is designed to push you to the edges of your comfort zone so that real growth and breakthroughs can happen.

That being said, here’s who this program CAN help:
  • You’re a female entrepreneur and action taker​ who is serious about rewiring old beliefs that are keeping you from a life and business you love...
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself​ to break through to new levels of freedom, abundance, and success...
  • You are willing to dive deep​ into the why behind your blocks in order to clear them...
  • You’re in search of a trustworthy guide​ to walk with you on this journey to greater impact and income...
  • You’re ready to eliminate self-doubt and fear​ to create the life and business of your dreams...
If that’s you, click the button below now to book your free clarity call and find out if Your Business Beyond Belief is the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for!


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
I can’t wait to speak with you!


P.S. ​Don’t put this off and miss out on the opportunity to create the thriving life and business you’ve always wanted. ​Schedule your call now to access all the bonuses, PLUS: Save $500 when you join before the clock hits zero and pay in full!


Who is this for?
This is for female entrepreneurs and service-based business owners who are struggling with self-doubt, lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, and a scarcity mindset that’s holding them back from achieving greater income, impact, and abundance in their life and business.

Who is this NOT for?
This 1:1 coaching program is NOT for people who are looking for a magic pill to swallow or “push-button” solution that instantly makes all their troubles disappear. Yes, RTT shines a light on what’s keeping you stuck and eliminates the core of those limiting beliefs, but YOU have to be willing to uncover and release these blocks. That’s exactly what I walk you through in the program.

How does it work?
Through the unique combination of RTT, 1:1 coaching, and other tools, you will free yourself from old subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll install NEW subconscious beliefs with your conscious thinking, empowering you to achieve your biggest goals!

What makes this different from the things I’ve tried in the past?
The difference between Your Business Beyond Belief and anything else you’ve tried in the past is that it addresses BOTH the subconscious and conscious minds. That means that there is a powerful emotional release and healing that occurs with this program, as well as an upgrade in your conscious thinking so you can take consistent action.

Unlike other mindset and motivational programs which wear off, this coaching program targets the root of the issue so that you achieve quick and long-lasting transformation!

Why should I sign up now?
Due to the intensive 1:1 nature of this coaching program, there are limited spots available. In addition, this special offer is only available before the clock on this page hits zero. Book your call before you miss this opportunity!

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! Book your call now to discuss payment options. Remember: If you choose to pay in full, you’ll automatically receive $500 OFF.
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